Tessan Universal Travel Adapter

A pretty good travel adapter for the price.

Tessan Universal Travel Adapter
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Dear Tessan,

I needed a travel adapter for my trip to Argentina so I went to Amazon and searched travel adapter for Argentina and your product popped up.

I'm ready the other reviews and it seemed as it worked I that country with 2 days before my trip I placed an order

It arrived, I tossed it in the suitcase and hoped for thr best

Upon arrival I was a little worried it wouldn't work for me, but it did and has been charging my stuff flawlessly throughout my trip.

I wish it wasn't so heavy though. This might be due to just physics and there's no choice but I find it pulls out of the socket easily and will fall to the floor.

It took me a minute to realize the prongs rotate I guess for use with different countries, but once I read the manual I had figured it out.

The USB ports work well enough and charge all my devices easily, but I found it a bit difficult to plug my laptop charger into the receptacle. I was afraid to break something as this was my first travel adapter and I was in no location that would have an replacement easily. But I found that I just had to be a bit more forceful and the the laptop plugged in without issue.

I'm quite happy with your device. It works well, and is priced well too.

A Pretty Good Travel Adapter

Not bad for $22 or so

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