Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat
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Dear Sky Solutions,

I hurt. I'm old and and the thought of sitting for 8 hours a day makes my back break out in sweat so I was looking for a better way to write. Not the writing per se - that's hard enough - but the position I take to get the writing done.

I tried, and love the the standing desk. Trouble is, my home office is in the basement where probably all men's offices are. We of the male persuasion tend to gravitate to dark spaces. Perhaps it's to hide from the wife and family but maybe it's just the fact that we're afraid of daylight and prefer to be in the dark under the glow of our laptop screen as our only light source.

Anyway. The problem with the man cave is that it's in the basement. Basement floors have concrete. Standing on concrete hurts.

So. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts, but I like to stand rather than sit so I started my search for a floor mat that would make my standing and writing experience better.

I searched the A to Z store and found your standing mat on sale for about $30 which I think is a fair price. As I write this you're price about $55.00 which I think is a bit too much - but whatever. I have the mat.

And I have to tell you I like it. The little ball in the middle massages my foot and does it for much less than getting a full foot massage so that's a plus. If you want to move your position which is something I do periodically when standing for a long time because I'm not a robot I find that the mat is comfortable for long periods of standing up and writing.

Your mat doesn't slip and slide on the floor which is good because I read that if you're over 12 you shouldn't use a slip and slide so that means I am disqualified due to age.

One complaint I have is it's kind of fugly. It's a black rubber with a ball in the middle and one could mistake it for a sex toy that some couples use to spice up their sex life. I'm not sure how you would use this as a sex toy, but I will leave it there.

How about colors? Do you have colors available. Perhaps I missed it and you do have colors but I have the black blob on my white floor which I am sure would not be approved by Martha Stewart. Speaking of Martha Stewart, she recently appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in a swimsuit and she looks pretty good for her age.

And that's a good thing. So is your floor mat - even if it is only available in black..

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