Non Contact Thermometer for Kids and Adults

A kid can go from healthy to sick faster than a Lamborghini

Non Contact Thermometer for Kids and Adults
Photo by Edgar Soto / Unsplash

Dear Goodbaby,

I think you might want to change your name to sick baby, but as I write this I guess nobody wants their company to be known as sick kids unless you're a big hospital in Toronto.

The only time your product gets used is when we think somebody might be unwell. When we're well we don't think about baby thermometers or bandaids - we think about fun stuff like chocolate or gummy bears.

Anyway, the name. You might want to work on it.

The best thing about this non contact thermometer besides being able to not have to touch a screaming and sick toddler is what I call the "steal mode". This is when you get the little buggers full of Children's Tylenol and then after they doze off you turn off the annoying beep that this thing makes and then you just point and shoot.

This way you don't wake up anybody that's trying to sleep and get well. Speaking of which – why can you not seem to get a good night's sleep in the Hospital? It seems like they want to wake you up every hour or so to check your temperature or take blood, or administer meds. I don't know about you but when I am sick I just want to do one thing: sleep.

I can feel I am sick. I don't need a thermometer or a doctor to tell me that. I have my body to do that for me. There has been a few times that I thought I was sick but I was actually just sick of "the sick"and I felt like the sick wore off on me. But after some thought I found that I wasn't sick and just to sure, I took my temperature.

All silliness aside - this is one of the better purchases we have made. I bet you're driving a Lamborghini with all the sales you had with COVID. I am assuming your products just flew off the shelves faster than that Lambo can go 0-60. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Of course this assumes you survived COVID and you're doing okay and your fancy car isn't hiding in some garage for the next 40 years until it's a garage find and goes viral on the internet.

To summarize, I had to use your product today on my family only to find out my little girl has a fever and I was able to give her something to make her more comfortable and that's a good thing.


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