Men's Dockers Black Leather Belt

Men's Dockers Black Leather Belt
Photo by Men's Vector / Unsplash

Dear Dockers, 

I have made it. I'm finally old enough that I think your brand is cool. In fact it might even be cooler than that other brand that I have 

I am at the don't care stage in my life where your belt is good enough. 

Let's look at the pros:

  • It matches my shoes
  • It fits
  • It's leather
  • It works with both my shorts in the summer and pants in the winter.  It's a 4 season belt
  • It's cheap 


Cons are:

  • It's leather. I'm no PETA member but I wonder if there's better materials to use. Heck my crocs are rubber. 
  • The leather wears after a while which is to be expected
  • Then leather stretches after a bit. I guess this could be considered a plus because I can eat more and still not have to go down a notch

I've had this belt for at least 5 years so that's pretty good at about bucks a year. 

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