Joynee Men's Athletic Ankle Socks

Joynee Men's Athletic Ankle Socks
Photo by NIKHIL / Unsplash

Dear Joynee,

I picked your socks out of the myriad of choices I had because they were brightly colored and cheap

Any person that has ever done laundry in their life would find that socks disappear at a quick rate. If I recall these socks ended up being a buck a pair.

As it turns out, these are actually pretty good socks and if one gets eaten by the dryer, then so be it. I'll live.

The elastic on the top stays up, they're breathable which is really nice in hot weather. Combined with my Crocs these keep feet nice and cool

They don't tend to get stinky and they dry quickly when they get wet.

They are padded at the Achilles tendon which is nice so your shoes don't give you blisters.

Overall, I am quite happy with this purchase and will buy another pair soon.

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