Goodfellow T Shirts from Target

Goodfellow T Shirts from Target
Photo by Keagan Henman / Unsplash

Dear Target,

I have been wearing your shirts for some time and I really like them, but I do have a complaint: You raised the price considerably.

What the hell? There's used to be 5 bucks a pop and now they are 8. That's over a 50 percent markup if my match is correct

How come? Is it because your recently remodeled your store so you can push more women's clothes? I get it. Ladies end to shop more and browse where guys like me just grab a few shirts, maybe check out the electronics section bit then realize I didn't need a new TV that's 85 inches.

Or, and this is more likely, the wife won't let me come home with an 85 inch TV. I have a $100 budget and I have been told to stick with it

One way in an stick to my budget is to have a look at your clearance section where all your buyer's failed attempts end up. Most of the stuff either is in 6 sizes too small, or is so effing ugly I would.only use the shirts for rags.

Speaking of clearance pricing, I wonder why you have random sales in some stuff but not others? It seems when I need to buy your shirts they're not in sale but when in need them they they are neither available in the colorway I like or they're full pop. This is too bad because I like to save money on my clothing. Heck, I wear Wrangler because I'm too cheap to pay for fancier brands.

This is why I like your brand. It's well made, fits well and is reasonably priced, even if you did jack the price.

I suppose the price in increase expect as there has been a bit of inflation In the USA. I guess the price hike was to be expected. A loaf of bread is five bucks. But I would bet the bread is made in the USA while your shirts are not and are made in Vietnam or some place where our dollar has a serious advantage

Then there's the tags on the shirts. This makes no sense at all. You make the shirt tagless with all the size and washing info silk screened in the shirt and then you need to smack.q big sticker that shows nothing but then size. And then if that wasn't enough then you attach another cardboard that to the shirt again with the size and print info.

You usually have the price on the display whether the shirts are so I don't think it's necessary for all that packing to see the price at the checkout again.

How about you silk screen the bar code to the inside of the shirt. The cashier can scan it, and there would be less landfill. And... You will not have to pay for thousands of price tags.

There has to be a better way.

Overall. I like your product and can usually find a color and size I like, so that's not the problem.

The problem is the cost? Pretty soon I'm going to be wearing $10.00 shirts and I have to sleep you my wife isn't going to like that.

Please help a guy out here. No more price increase please.

Thanks, Jim.

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