Crocs Stride Lite Shoes

The Crocs Stride Lite sneakers are pretty good with a few caveats

Crocs Stride Lite Shoes
Photo by Bernard Hermant / Unsplash

Dear Crocs,

I bought these shoes because I worked as a delivery driver for the corporation that smiles and I needed some shoes that would last for the 30,000 daily steps that i would take per day.

So, I browsed the A-store owned by the rich guy with the girlfriend with the big boobs and I found these. I have to confess: I bought these because they were cheap. I also bought them because you had them on sale for about $20 if I recall. I wouldn't have bought them for the MSRP of $80 or whatever price you think you can get from them.

They are really nice shoes, I've even been complimented on them over the years I have re-bought these. They are not the most durable shoe I ever have but they last for a few months for me.

Oddly, I have found they get hot in the summer, which I think is kind of weird because they have holes all over them for ventilation. I guess that's what you get when you design them on a computer and not actually try them out. I guess that when you had such a success with your original crocs that have holes you'd be good. But these shoes have smaller holes and I don't know much about airflow and all that but one could guess that smaller holes equals less air low and hotter feet.

It doesn't help that these things are all rubber either. I do find that due to their rubber build that they're good for beach shoes where you can rinse them off when they're done and because they shed water they dry fairly fast too.

i can't really understand the pricing on these shoes but because I am a cheap SOB I wait until they're on sale and then buy. You must have a lot of these because they tend to go on sale a lot.

I now use them mostly as shoes to wear outside in the summertime and I no longer deliver smiles so they last a lot longer for me now than they used to.

They're comfortable enough and cheap enough. Keep up the good work.

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