Contigo Travel Mug

If only they made a travel mug that didn't spill in the car.

Contigo Travel Mug
Photo by Timothy Eberly / Unsplash

Dear Contigo,

I just came back from a trip to Argentina and I did not see one travel cup of any kind.

It was surprising, as here in the US to-go is not business. I think it must be due to the slower way not life there as opposed to the USA where everything is go go go all the time . Here in the US you can't go very fire until you find a drive through where you can buy your beverage of choice whether it's from Dunkin, Starbucks or various other ways to get a drink to go.

Heck, I'm using one of your cups right now as I wrote this because a guy needs his morning coffee to start his commute.

U think I'm up to about 4 of your travel mugs and I find them okay. Not great, but okay. I especially have issues with the lids on your cups. I e tried different designs but no matter what I always spilling my hot coffee on m shirt..

The obvious solution would be stop drinking coffee in the car. Heck, the Argentine's manage to do it. I could always go cold turkey, then I wouldn't have any need for your cups.

In fact, the one lid that has never failed me was the lids you get from Starbucks. You know, those white lids that resemble a sippy cup my kid has. I never get leaks with those. The downfall with this design is less with the drinking and more with the travel part. The hole is open so you then you need the little plastic stoppers. I wonder the coffee costs so much there as you are paying for the cup and accessories

Yours on the other hand keep my coffee warmer for much longer so there's that. I just need some work on the lid. The cups I have have a hole and then a flap that flips over so you don't spill. And this works great with the spilling while the cup is closed, but not so great when it's open.

I get why you designed the lid this way. There's a taper to the lid and the rim is higher in the side with the hole so if the cup is bumped when I'm the car, it won't spill when driving.

I wonder though if you could design the lid where the hole is higher than the rim? Perhaps this isn't possible and it doesn't work with the design of your mugs, but if Starbucks can do it, I bet you could find a way to have this design and yet still use the flippy part to cover the hole when traveling.

I'm not a fan of the mugs you make with a handle as I find I can't get it to fit well in the cupholder in the car. I also don't like the fact that the covering you have over the aluminum exterior chips and cracks after a while. I wonder if I haven't accidentally swallowed some over the years? I hope not.

Overall, I am a fan of your mugs with a few caveats. If you could work on the no-spill lid thing that would be great I and I bet you would have a best-seller in your hands. Well, except for in Argentina.


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