Canada T-Shirt for Kids

If you're Canadian you have to wear the flag proudly.

Canada T-Shirt for Kids
Photo by John Lee / Unsplash

Dear (whomever made this shirt. It's currently being worn by my kid and I'm too lazy to get up and check)

I miss Canada. I used to live there and loved it. I was born there and then I got married and moved to Buffalo. It's not far from home and the chicken wings are better.

I've also learned to use 'eh' less over the years but I haven't completely retired the accent and I still end up at saying how-se instead of house and other Canadian eccentricities.

I do miss the Universal Health Care though. I know it's not perfect with long wait times and other factors but I think it's still a better system here in the USA where you have to be a health insurance professional to figure out your bill. Bills run in the thousands here and it's scary just getting to the mailbox as you're afraid of what you might find.

It's cheaper to be healthier in the USA. It's much more costlier to be sick. Yes, the taxes are more in Canada but that's to be expected because free healthcare should be a right and not a privilege like it is here in the USA

I live close enough to Canada where there's still a Tim Hortons about a mile from my home but it's not the Tim Hortons I grew up with. I lived a mile from Tim Hortons number 3 and I remember the 20 minute time limit sign on the wall and the chocolate eclairs and honey crullers.

The donuts were actually baked on site back then instead of being half-baked or however they come these days. The Horton's here isn't the same. It's a cafe and bake shop because you have to explain to people here what the little brown box on the side of the road actually is. God forbid they get out of their cars and check.

There's other food I kind of miss. They don't know what a smartie is or that the good sensitive toothpaste is only available in Canada. But I'm still here in the USA because that's where my family lives and my 5 year old looks pretty cute in your shirt.

She has to represent after all because despite being born in Buffalo she will always be Canadian too.

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