Anker Charging Pack

Anker Charging Pack
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Dear Anker,

Im wondering what the long term success of your product will be? I'm currently using one of your 20000 ....millawats gigawatts? Whatever.

I have a fully charged pack and a somewhat charged phone and I am quite happy for your charger products as my phone battery still doesn't last all day

But what if it did? What if I didn't have to use your charge to get through the day with my phone?

What if I get a new phone or a new battery technology comes along? You know what I'm talking about: those articles in your feed about new battery technology that offers days and days of charge

You Probably have a bit of time before this is a concern. Perhaps I am worrying about nothing. Besides, it's your business and not mine.

As I write this I'm using your pack to get my Google phone to last me throughout the day. And I have to say your product works well. It takes a bit of time to charge to full capacity but I suppose that's just science and I can't do much about this.

I'm just happy to have your battery pack charging my phone as I write this little note

I am not sure what exact model I am currently using but I know it's 20K of power and it's pretty basic: it has a usbA port to charge your device and has micro USB and usb-c for charging the battery itself.

I will be very happy when my last device with micro USB will be gone and I hope it's not your device as by then I will have a whole bunch of micro USB cables and only your battery pack to charge.

I'm assuming it will, as I've had this pack for a few years now and it's been abused and used and still works like a champ.



Anker Battery Pack

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