Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet

The Fire 11 Max has a stupid name but it's a pretty good tablet if you can get it on sale.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Dear Amazon

I don't live in the Apple walled garden which is kind of strange because at one point I was all about the Mac and all that they offered. But the price/performance of the Apple stuff was getting out of control. You can spend over $1000 on a tablet which is unfathomable to me.

So, I was on the hunt for a new tablet. My 5 year old has a fire HD 10 that she enjoys so I thought I would get a new table when you released this model. But, I didn't.

I waited

and waited.

One thing I have realized is you always eventually put your devices on sale at a considerable discount and my purchase of this tablet was no different - I waited until it was on sale.

Black Friday arrived. You knocked over 40% off the tablet and then offered me $30 towards a trade and then an addtional 20% off the new Fire 11. That's a pretty good deal and I took it. It ended up costing me $100 which I think is all this is worth.

I use this as a music player with Amazon Music and that's about it so for the price it's good enough for my needs. The odd time I do a bit of blogging with it but it's rare as I have other devices that allow me to write easier.

This is a nice device. It's light, and the screen is sharp and bright. I have no issues with the speed of the device. It's been a great little device.

When the time comes, I will trade in my daughter's fire HD 10 and buy the next upgrade.

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