Ever Wonder How Much Crap You Have?

Ever Wonder How Much Crap You Have?
Photo by Maxim Tolchinskiy / Unsplash

Every christmas tree decoration, garden hose or gym bag? I have all these things and more.

So I got to thinking... what if I reviewed everything. I mean everything. Every pair of socks or pillow case or planter for the garden?

I wonder how long it would take? Could I even be able to finish this in a lifetime? I'm going to find out.

What to Expect

No affiliate links. No crappy headlines like "16 garden hoses you must buy today" (who needs 16 garden hoses?).

I just write a short review of my stuff. In letter form. Here's an example

I have no idea if I will gain any traction or not with this silly idea, but hey it's worth a shot and I have some time so why not? I doubt this will be daily because sometimes life gets in the way, but I should be able to write a couple a week I figure.

If you want to subscribe that would be great. As I write this I have one subscriber: me. I have a long way to go until I get my 1000 true fans. A loooong way to go.

It's free to subscribe and if you really want to I would appreciate if you could go with the paid option but hey that's on you. It's five bucks a month so it's not like I am asking for a lot.

If you have read this far: Thank You. If you subscribe to my newsletter I really thank you.

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