![Photograph for FindByPlate – https://findbyplate.com/](https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1498887960847-2a5e46312788?crop=entropy&cs=tinysrgb&fit=max&fm=jpg&ixid=M3wzNjAwOTd8MHwxfHNlYXJjaHwxfHxjYXIlMjBib29zdGVyJTIwc2VhdHxlbnwwfDB8fHwxNzEyMTAxNDU0fDA&ixlib=rb-4.0.3&q=80&w=1080) *[Backlink](https://unsplash.com/photos/closeup-photo-of-black-analog-speedometer-gts_Eh4g1lk) | Photo by [CHUTTERSNAP](https://unsplash.com/@chuttersnap?utm_source=Obsidian%20Image%20Inserter%20Plugin&utm_medium=referral) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/?utm_source=Obsidian%20Image%20Inserter%20Plugin&utm_medium=referral)* #car #child #plastic I will be so glad when this is no longer needed. Don't get me wrong: I want to keep my child safe and obey the law, but it will be so much easier when she is old enough to hop in the car and buckle herself in. That said I am so glad she is finally at the booster seat age rather than the full buckle car seat that she was in since newborn These are essentially a $30 piece of plastic with a bit of upholstery and some small arms. All this does is **boost** ([^1]) the child high enough that she sits so the seatbelt fits correctly and so she's safer in the #car [^1]: thus, the name. [Check Prices on Booster Seats](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BS91MMVK/ref=cm_sw_r_as_gl_apa_gl_i_S9W74ZPPGBV5H6E3XGBX?linkCode=ml2&tag=ramseeker_ramseekergrid-20)