This wasn't really part of the plan but a new 55 inch TV has entered the house recently. ![[Pasted image 20240416140237.jpg]] As we **barely** watch TV much I wanted to just buy the cheapest 55 inch TV I could find, but the boss wanted to have a ROKU TV specifically as she was familiar with the interface. So..we have a new ROKU TV And it's...fine. Actually, now that I think of it it's more than fine. This replaced a cheap JVC 58 inch that lasted just over a year and thus the warranty was over so we had to pay for a new TV. Buying a new TV might actually be easier than trying to get an old TV replacement or repair. Imagine the grief of having to slug the TV around town to get a repair that may or may not work over the long time anyway. It's actually kind of amazing that for a couple hundred bucks you can get a 55 inch TV. It wasn't tht long ago that a **flat screen TV** would cost thousands or even **tens of thousands** But now you can get one for so little that replacing a broken 55 inch TV isn't that big of a deal.