![a stack of jeans sitting on top of each other](https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1637069585336-827b298fe84a?crop=entropy&cs=tinysrgb&fit=max&fm=jpg&ixid=M3wzNjAwOTd8MHwxfHNlYXJjaHw0fHxqZWFuc3xlbnwwfDB8fHwxNzEyMTAxMzg4fDA&ixlib=rb-4.0.3&q=80&w=1080) *[Backlink](https://unsplash.com/photos/a-stack-of-jeans-sitting-on-top-of-each-other-aWLTXw6kbDw) | Photo by [Claire Abdo](https://unsplash.com/@claireabdo?utm_source=Obsidian%20Image%20Inserter%20Plugin&utm_medium=referral) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/?utm_source=Obsidian%20Image%20Inserter%20Plugin&utm_medium=referral)* When the heck did Levis get so effing expensive? I'm used to paying less for new jeans, but the actual Levi's are now pushing over $70 a pair. I guess now with the current economy, that's. It as bad then at first glance, but if you're making $15.00 you almost work a full day for a pair of pants Thankfully Levi's makes something [called Denizen jeans](https://amzn.to/3TFVeZy) which are 1/3 of the price coming in at about $30 a pair which is a **lot** more reasonable than paying for a [pair of 501's](https://amzn.to/4aikITQ)