You try writing about white socks. Some things can be interesting and some things notsomuch and I would put white socks on that list. Did you know that people steal white socks? They steal them so much they have those little anti-theft tags tied to them so the alarm goes off if you try to swipe them. In other scenarios they are under lock and key and you have to find a sales associate to find a key to unlock the display to get you a pair of socks. ![[Pasted image 20240410205841.png]] I could see the theft if it was [[55 inch TV ]] or some other thing like a pair of [[Skull Candy Crusher Wireless Headphones]] but not a pair of socks. I don't plan on shoplifting for a pair of socks so this isn't really a concern it's more just a thing I never would have thought about at all. I just buy the cheap socks as I go through them at a good clip so there's no sense in me spending a lot on socks. [Check Prices on White Socks. ]( #socks #crocs #white #men #tv